Solutions That Work For You
Client-side applications are on the wane. Have you noticed that? What-the-heck happened to easy-to-use, single-station instrument applications that are oriented toward THE USER, easy to setup and use day-after-day? Did the world get too complex or something?

Every user of technical software wants "their program" to be so easy to use that they can't make a mistake. At S.E.A., we've spent our careers specializing in that and, even so, there's room for improvement, year-after-year. How many times have you cruised the web only to find really complex packages that require a degree in data-base management just to use ??


Not our programs. No way. They go right to the solution with the power tools you need to get your real work done NOW. And they hide the advanced complexity that makes them communicate and have the power you need: intelligent I/O, network communications, creation of web pages, comprehensive file output, advanced mathematics, etc., just to name a few.

And have you ever wondered why there are "no user-servicable parts" inside most modern devices?? And no user-software-servicable parts?? That's because most programmers (and we won't name the big ones), don't want you to understand your software AND YOUR FILES. Not here, no way. YOU are responsible for every file, every piece of data. But it's so easy...all it requires is a little reading and examination of the files input and output from our programs. IT'S YOUR DATA. And that is our permanent promise to you.

"You can't program what you don't understand."