M-Cal - Dedicated Mooring Calibrator Program
Think of "M-Cal" as WorkBoat's little cousin making it even easier to calibrate the position of acoustic releases for any purpose: buoy anchors, sub-surface moorings, deep ocean instrument packages, hydrophone arrays, emergency location, etc. M-Cal is "checklist-driven" keeping even the most casual navigator on top of the problem of acoustically positioning their expensive bottom packages. M-Cal runs on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

M-Cal screen

M-Cal supports acoustic transceivers including the popular EdgeTech 8011A and 8011M, the Benthos DS7000, UDB-9000 and UDB9400 series and their ATM880 and 9000 series ranging acoustic modems, and the LinkQuest acoustic modem. Mobilizing in just minutes, M-Cal inherits WorkBoat's I/O intelligence including the ability to feed the program UDP and TCP NMEA-0183 data over a LAN. With extensive HTML Help sub-system, navigators can even train themselves with a sophisticated simulator where they perform mock mooring calibrations and become familiar with the program.

M-Cal grid
Actual calibration of a dragged anchor. Courtesy: Bedford Institute of Oceanography

The navigator has complete control of the generated solution including use of ranges, setting of maximum allowed error, 2-D vs. 3-D solution, etc. Calibrations may be halted and resumed later, loaded any time for display purposes, plotted on a graphical printer and more.

M-Cal controls
M-Cal provides the navigator with unprecedented control.

Like everything else in the real world, M-Cal's accuracy is determined by the quality of its inputs. Besides using an accurate speed of sound (set above), M-Cal provides complete control over geometrical details. And of course, the best GPS (i.e., differential), vessel heading input, the quality of your deckset's range measurement system and the sea-state determines the final outcome. Under ideal conditions, the final geodetic accuracy of M-Cal is roughly equivalent to the accuracy of your GPS system.

M-Cal Checklist M-Cal Vessel Dialog
Example of M-Cal checklist: Precision dimensions and offsets are important for accuracy.

M-Cal: Affordable, easy to learn, easy to use and a very serious tool for anyone doing serious mooring work in the ocean.

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Mooring Calibrations.pdf

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