Marine Navigation
Surface and Sub-surface Navigation

image   SeaScape - concurrent GPS, USBL, LBL, DVL navigation for any purpose

image   WorkBoat - concurrent GPS and USBL navigation and mooring calibrations

image   M-Cal - Dedicated Mooring Calibrator.

image   Acoustic Navigation Processor - embedded PC-104, multi-mode LBL processor

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Nuts and Bolts
If you examine the descriptions of these programs we hope your are struck by the realization that they are designed FOR the navigator whose needs are imminent, as in, "we need that range and bearing NOW !!" WorkBoat and SeaScape, are in fact, so interactive in this way that many people have said "why didn't we think of that ??

When put up against other navigation programs for the work-a-day world of navigating ROV's, manned-subs, camera or sidescan sonar tows, etc., they are faster to mobilize, quicker to use on the spot, provide unparalleled accuracy and support of multiple navigation inputs (simultaneous LBL, USBL, DVL, GPS, etc.), have simply unmatched power to solve I/O problems (like custom input, custom output, routing data anywere on a network, serial port or file), etc.) and are the programs our clients always come back to.

All four of these programs are the result of over 25 years of study and hard work. If you are looking for navigation software for your surface or sub-surface work, check them out. And if you do decide to use them, promise yourself that you'll walk off the boat smiling or we want to know why !!

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