Data Aquisition and Control
image   S.U.A.V.E - An Integrating Sensor Engine

"Scientific Unmanned All-purpose Vehicle Engineering"


S.U.A.V.E is a powerful, rules-based, integrating SENSOR ENGINE. Using miniature PC-104 hardware, SUAVE's software is designed to make embedded, remote data acquisition with diverse instruments easier than ever before. In simple terms, it's a data acquisition system, a data logger, a telemetry system, a data router, a control system and a custom data processor all in one. SUAVE can take a large group of sensors and their data and reduce them to any number of processed, custom outputs to the outside world. To accomplish this, SUAVE has a built-in "interpreter" language for processing data based on user-supplied equations to produce any custom output needed.

SUAVE can be embedded anywhere - in any kind of manned or unmanned or remotely operated vehicle or on any kind of platform where +5VDC is available. Use it to simultaneously perform ANY combination of data acquisition, local sensor logging, data routing, uplinking/downlinking of raw or packetized sensor data, and processing and outputting of custom strings to exact specification. While doing any/all of those, it can also be used to interact with any sensor via serial or Ethernet link for control applications.
As a sensor engine sub-system, SUAVE can be linked to other systems for any purpose. So, for example, one or more of SUAVE's "sensors" can actually be connections to other systems via RF or dial-up modems, underwater acoustic modems, serial connections, and even Ethernet TCP/IP connections on a network.
As an intelligent, networked sensor hub, use it to automatically acquire / log / transmit data while interacting with it for control of unique devices connected to SUAVE.
As a custom sensor processor, use it to integrate a large group of sensors into one super sensor to the outside world, complete with engineering units obtained from truly raw data. Shape SUAVE's output into the exact string formats you need. At the same time, route needed data from one sensor to another to supply it what it needs.

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