Data Aquisition and Control
image   Hot Fluid Sampler
The Hot Fluid Sampler (HFS) is a category of program that will probably never go away. The need to sample volcanic vent water and perform simple chemistry at the bottom of the ocean is simply going to grow as scientists explore more and more of the ocean bottom. Our HFS program has been ongoing since 1998 and figures to grow again in coming years with additional international interest and participation, particularly with advanced projects like NEPTUNE and others.
Consisting of an embedded PC-104 controller program interfaced to pumps, valve, temperature probes, and various sensors - all carried by an ROV or manned-sub - the overall system communicates to a topside package called HFS running under Windows 98 - XP. In between, any kind of transparent telemetry link. The operator controls the whole system at the bottom as if he/she were sitting next to it in the lab.
Some years ago, NOAA / UW Vents project decided to add Hydrogen Sulphide and pH sensors to their sampler hardware and to have us modify the bottom-end and also finally produce a Windows version of the topside program. Out came HFS Version 2. Doing chemistry at the bottom of the ocean with manned subs and ROV's (ALVIN and ROPOS) carrying the payload - are we ready for other planets yet?

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Hot Fluid Sampler with Dr. Dave Butterfield
(Courtesy Dr. Butterfield)

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