Sensor Calibration
image   Rain Gauge Calibrator
Our RAIN Calibrator is currently dedicated to RM Young rain gauges and custom interface electronics but could be easily modified (well, relatively, of course) to handle different manufacturers and different interface technology. The RAIN system is interfaced to an Ismatec medical grade pump (the kind good to several tenths of a ml in a 1000) and a special valve controller and some wizard interface electronics by one special engineer. It also runs on a delivery system specially built by some very clever people and is operated by one of the most meticulous technicians we've had the pleasure to know.

RAIN supports a user-specified setpoint schedule with multiple loops, settling times, sampling intervals, readings-to-log, etc., etc. - all the statistical features needed to provide a full coefficient solution for each gauge. Plotting, printed plots, FTP'ing, data monitoring, manual operation and more. It's all there. Set-em up, enter the serial numbers, check them out and click Run. Work on other stuff while RAIN does all the calibration work.

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RM Young is a trademark of the RM Young Company
Ismatec is a trademark of Ismatec SA and Idex Corporation