Sensor Calibration
image   Temperature and Pressure - TP Calibrator
Calibration of various thermistors and pressure transducers is a demanding application, especially when global climate models depend on it ! Our latest automated, temperature bath program running on a large network tackles the job of spot-on calibration of temperature thermistor modules and pressure transducers.

Interfacing to Seabird and Guildline temperature baths and Hewlett Packard (now Agilent Technologies) measuring devices (multimeters, frequency counters, power supplies), the TP Calibrator calibrates thermistor modules along with pressure transducers using the mighty  Ruska 7250 and 6005 pressure controllers. It supports resistance, voltage, frequency and counts sensor input, and in many cases, outputs fully calibrated sensor coefficients for active sensors. It also supports "passive" sensors that log internally.

The TP-Calibrator is very customizable and supports a variety of time-saving features like generation of web pages, FTP'ing of results over the network, printed plots, etc. It's also very easy to setup, and use and runs unattended (for days, of course! ALL Windows app's should run unattended !!)

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The TP Calibrator main display.

Bath station using primarily GPIB measuring instruments.

Bath station using primarily serial measuring instruments.

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